Vanessa Mdee dumps Tanzanian boyfriend Jux for Nigerian rapper


When it comes to East African showbiz, everybody knows that Vanessa Mdee and Tanzanian RnB singer Jux are an item. However, with this new evidence of clear romantic photos of Vanessa Mdee and Nigerian rapper of the ‘Oleku’ fame that are currently online, proves otherwise. the two ‘love birds’ looks happy in these photos makes you think if Jux ever did make Vanessa happy to begin with as Ice Prince is keeping it gangsta, classy and cool in the pictures while Vanessa Mdee is all giggly, touchy and clingy to the him.

Vanessa Mdee and his boyfriend that everyone knows, Jux has a new release together called ‘Juu’ and there is much chemistry between them in the video which begs the question if Vanessa Mdee and Jux are finally over or the pictures of her with the Nigerian superstar rapper are just a facade or publicity stunt to keep African talking, well Africa is talking. Check out the cute photos of these two ‘lovebirds’ on the bed.


I must agree though, Vanessa and Ice Prince looks good together. Check out her video for‘Juu’ single with her official Tanzanian hunk boyfriend Jux below


 You won’t imagine Jux & Vanessa have broken up by seeing this sexy photos.
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