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DOWNLOAD MP3 : MANiO Ft Meryl Paige – Light My Way



New song MANiO Ft Meryl Paige – Light My Way ,

LIGHT MY WAY is the second track of MANiO’s debut solo
album, “Mind Of A Married Man,” a personal exploration of life

The song is about the love that has been the light in his life, but
which is gradually slipping away. Recently, MANiO has been very
public about his personal life, and he has been confronting the
hard times in a vlog, “Ordinary Folk.”

The song features Meryl Paige, who turns in a striking
performance. Her voice is pure and clean, with a powerful low
register that wraps around the listener like an embrace. She lifts
and soars into the chorus with authority and natural grace.
MANiO is one of the premier male vocalists in Kenya right now:
on this track, he expresses emotion like nobody else.

effortlessly brings his message and transports his listener into
his world. The track itself is a lush, broad soundscape,
impeccably crafted by Terence on the Tracks.
The video is a refreshing departure from the typical Nairobi fare.

It is simple, sparse, clean, cool. It leaves aside the flash and
bang…there are no “bro’s and hoe’s” in this story. Director X
Antonio found the ideal way to pair images to the music, telling
the song’s story poignantly and accessibly. His images of the
daily life of a typical Kenyan couple are clean and honest.