Lady Bee – Damu Ya Yesu mp3

This song talks about the blood of JESUS according to the
word of God in the book of Hebrews 12:24 The bible says
that the blood of JESUS speaks better things than the blood
of abel Halleluyah and as you listen to this song,as you plead
the blood,may the power of His blood revive every dead
situation in your life,may the blood renew,restore,protect
your life.The blood of JESUS is speaking better things right
now upon your families upon our country Kenya and the
whole world in Jesus Precious Name
The power that saves is also the power that releases,
delivers, and neutralizes the enterprises of hell and the
weaknesses of the flesh. The appropriation of
the power of the Blood in tough situations is intended for
every believer in Christ to know, to understand, and to

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